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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2011 9:01pm-9:31pm PST

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it is filing and indexing, making sure they are connected to the right property. >> a lot of times, it is not on the computer. we need to go to central bureau and have them match it up so that we can start a report. commissioner walker: but the goal is, there could be more of that. and then, if there is data outside of it, they need a day or so to see what is missing, then they can go to dpw -- i think what you are saying is what we're doing, which is copying with an outside agency, indexing them, and managing them in house, like we should. isn't that the case? >> 70% of what we do is manual. 60% of the research in documents will be from the digital. there is a lot of manual
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involved. commissioner hechanova: in the category of the information stream of one material content, whether digitized or physical, one of the departments within the city that has experienced the category of information provisions would be the public library. i am sure during a period of time, they have been digitizing a significant number of material. is there any way to coordinate with them. -- coordinate with them? there are internet archives that provide services to digitize from books to other material data content from physical form, being converted to electronic data. what is the narrowing down? right now, it is quite wide.
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is they weighed 2, 1, the part mentally work with other departments that have significant experience with the provisions of converting physical data to electronic data? second, as mentioned, there are services out there. i know there are some nonprofit organizations that have and make those provisions that are probably cost effective>> the bs for going out to an rfp is going over with the union, and we will be more than happy to look at what the water department is doing, what the library is doing. i check with the library a few years ago to find out how they ever handling their projects. our records are different, but maybe the same process could be used. i will be glad to do that.
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we needed to get this out to start assessing how contacting out would be used to achieve this project, and that is the first project in sending this to the union. >> it sounds reasonable to the fact that it there for more material for the upcoming budget considerations for the next year, that would be terrific. >> commissioners? additional questions? >>thank you, panel. >> any public comment on item number six? >> hello, again. this is a very important topic.
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i want to thank the questions from the commissioners. you are nibbling from -- nibbling on the problem from outside, because it is very complex. i want to address comments about other departments. you would be amazed to find out who has more stuff. they need to find out exactly the same thing you do. i think when you list the library, dbi, and lord knows who else of the city, i think we of the world's biggest rfp. let us make it really clear, scanning is not indexing if you cannot retrieve the data, what good is it? you have to have that organized the right way.
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you cannot do stuff fast. it is complicated in needs time. you do it right and save yourself a lifetime of headaches we need to get it squared away so we do not have to go back and revisit this all the time. but us bring this matter from you to the head of the board of supervisors into anyone else who has fiscal responsibility to the city. you should not have to do this. everyone else wants this into regular records. get their paper somehow secure, because of anything helping -- happens to it, it is [inaudible] we have to get this together.
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i am encouraging you. you are on the right track. what has to be done as of the city of the whole. this is the kind of thing the capital planning committee usually takes on as a big project. it is a big project. did i just hear $5 million from you alone. i encourage you. you can count on me to be your supporter, because i want to get this done right and bass, but i do not want to do it so it just leaguers on. we can do it together. thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comment?
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>> commissioner walker. to go as a follow-up to the public input, i think having a discussion with the assessor's office and trying to capture all of those documents would be worthwhile. as you all know, especially commissioner murphy, there is a lot of information over there that if we could make it seem less, it would be well worth some of the struggle we are having with this. if that could be one of the things to do to include them, i think it would help. >> i agree with you again commissioner walker. [laughter] holiday cheer. i think one of the most important categories here essentially is we had a very all verbal category, a physical
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material that if an event of the earthquake and any other disaster that looms, which i do not know how to define, but the category of it is only one place and lost, we would have archived materials that are basically going to be gone. i think it is imperative that we push this to the forefront, along with some of the parallel technology categories that we are pursuing from the pds and all the other categories that will literally put against san francisco the category of better service to the public. i urge the director and those that are involved in the categories of one of the technical projects to really push the pedal to the metal and
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heavily. think you. -- thank you. >> item #7, directors report. se7a, dbi finances. >> pamela. we have to items -- two items under number seven. the first is the monthly financial report, and then there will be a short discussion about the budget instructions for the 2012-13 budget. in first i wanted to mention, in terms of revenue, we have separated the revenues that are four charges for service from
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the revenues from the mou's which basically include bit transbay joint power authority and the court, and we have projected to have more revenue throughout the year, so this is an actual plus protection. so far we have 43.8 in terms of the budget, and we have 42 -- 52.2 percent signed of the budget for the regular charges for service. one of the things we do look at and have started to look at is what the changes are in terms of valuation of issue permits, because that is a measure of how well we are doing. and we are actually, when you look at a year over year this
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year versus year to date last year, we are seeing an increase in valuation of issue permits of almost 43 percent signed, and we provided a sketch will in the report that shows the level of valuation in various ranges and the number of issue permits. we're still seeing a large increase in permits, especially one did million dollars or more. -- $1 million or more.
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it will have the expenses for salaries would be close to 42 percent signed because 42 percent of the year has gone by, and 42 percent signed of your salary should have gone by. we only expanded 34% of our salaries. most of our budget is in personnel. we have started spending more and non-personal services. this is due to high ti.t. we have to have various types of licenses and services. it includes the payments to the non-profits. that outreach programs. so far we have spent almost 33%.
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and when we go back and look at the personnel expenditures and the number of staff on board this time we're still trying to hire staff. we have seven requisitions in just four clerks alone. we are having -- just for clerks alone. we are having some log jam, and we are not sure why. we're pushing to get the clerks out of and get them approved by human resources. they are well aware that this is a priority for the mayor's office, a priority for the commission to have adequate staffing in order to deal with this growth and permits. -- in permits.
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>> we had 36 big jobs come in this year over $1 million. we have an idea based on anecdotal information, and the pre application meeting for some of the other projects, but i can give you our projection. >> i do not expect something of this week, but maybe something at the next meeting. appreciate it. >> also in the category of major projects that have basically retracted in moving forward with
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their plans to build, are there those that have maintained their permits or have applied, is that part of what is rolling over on the extension of permits? >> we did seek projects -- permits that had it issues a couple of years ago when the economy was bad, and they have reappeared. so we have seen some of those. >> great. >> is there some category that can be safely projected for next year? no/ ? >> i can work and look at it. they are projecting revenue in
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this department is difficult because you do not know the projects that will come in or the size of the projects that come in. we do talk to the various expediters about what they're bringing in and what size and where they are bringing in. if they're coming in directly to dbi or directly into planning, but there is no real -- there is no simple way of saying what it is going to look like this time next year in terms of the number of projects. we do our projections based on revenue trend. we do not use any type of seasonality, because there really is not here yet we know when it is raining, people do not work on projects, but terms of bringing them in it is
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difficult to do that. to go in terms of the base line of putting project on hold, we possibly have a better base of potential projects that will come in? >> commissioners? >> the budget for the coming year the projections include the work we're doing for, and what we're talking about is the remaining 3.3 million in the budget for subsequent years, or are we talking about adding some of that money to front load the projects? i am just curious. you understand my question? do we have sufficient moneys to do the data projects in this
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year's budget? >> not in this year's budget, but in the proposed budget we are proposing to add some money to that project, not the entire 3.3. we will spread it. >> spread it across like we did for the pts system so it does not take such a hard hit at the end of the project. >> so 1.7 has been included in the budget? >> 1.7 million is available at this time to start the project. >> are we looking to add a certain amount back over the coming years? >> yes. >> gail reynolds will talk to
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you about the budget. i am gail revels. you have budget instructions that were passed out as part of 7a. i want to give a brief overview. last week we had a meeting with the comptroller's office and mayor's office representative. this will be the first year we do a two year budget. the some of the big enterprise departments are going to be doing a fixed two-year budget, but they have to propose two years and cannot change it in the second year unless there plus or minus 5%. they're not going to do that with dbi. the second year has to be balanced, but we will reopen in revisit our budget every year. every year we have -- every year we what do propose a balanced budget.
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the mayor's office is projecting to be quite short in the general fund. next year they're saying $262.7 million short of the general fund. they are constructing the general fund departments to cut budgets by 1 percent signed. and we are lucky in that we are not general funds. we can be making a different type of argument, but just a you know those are the instructions from the mayor's office. they are expecting across the board increases. those will have to be covered within our budget. they are expecting health to go up about 6 percent said. retirement, they are an argument about whether they will change that. the decision will not be made for another week or two. it they do change that, that will impact us. right now we're starting the process of collecting information internally so we can
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present you a budget in december. if you look at the budget instructions on the second page, you can see a calendar of how we are projecting to do the process in house. your first meeting in january is january 18. we are wont be making our department proposal on january 18. -- going to be making our department proposal on january 18. i sent a complicated xl sheet for a wish list for next year. if you could have more positions or need more money in training or materials and supplies, please let me know around the 23rd of december, so we can look at that internally and make sure everything is included in what we present to you. it would be great if you have priorities that you would like us to consider, if you could also let us know that as we can build it in what we're doing the balancing. we're going to look at revenue
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for next year and balancing that against the request so we can have a balanced proposal. wanted to give you an update on where we are. >> thank you. commissioner walker. commissioner walker: do you want us to send our input to the director? >> you can either send it through some yeonya or -- >> that would be great. >> essentially one of the goals would be to increase efficiency through data, technology or operations and accelerating in some instances through the sufficiency the ability to collect the revenue stream more quickly? >> we would be looking at whether or not we can afford to add more positions if revenue will be up, and what positions
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would make the department run the best. >> great. thank you. >> item 7b, update on proposed legislation. >> good morning, commissioners. bill strong, manager of public affairs. we put into your packet a little december update. it covers most of the legislation we have talked about in the past couple of months. on this proposal for disability and small businesses that supervisor chu has you might want to note the small business commission will have its own hearings for recommendations back to the board on that.
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again, we do not expect the legislation until early in the new year as far as coming back to us. president rootubin mentioned the new agreement policy toward that the building just one, and that has taken effect, so that legislation is essentially in place and being noticed around the world. the acts of god off legislation that supervisor cohen introduced a few months ago actually takes effect tomorrow, and that will become the date for the additional 18 months that building owners involved or property owners involved in the fires will have to resubmit the permits to move that forward, which is a good thing as far as we are concerned. we're still trying to obtain more detailed information on the
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proposal for the supervisor from the public arts fund on exactly how the impact fees will becbe collected on that. we're still monitoring that. that has now moved forward to the full board. the other couple of items that are still outstanding is the redoing of the toxic ordinance that may involve requiring property owners to get groundwater and soil testing in order to meet certain department of public health standards for toxicity. that's according to the planning department is still in the preparatory stages, so we did not have any information on that right now. we are monitoring it on a regular basis to see if that is going to affect the timeline for actually issuing permits once
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language is put together. the only other thing is the director wanted us to make you aware of the fact that she is participating, along with the fire marshal, in a statewide high-rise task force that is looking at a number of different recommendations and amendments in the codes that will affect high-rise buildings. this group is meeting several times a month. it is still very much a matter in process, but it could affect developers that are involved in the larger projects. >> thank you for bringing this to our attention. i mentioned it earlier when we were appointing the high-rise representatives to the board of examiners. a lot of these discussions began in san francisco with a
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highrises we're doing, and i want to commend the department of fire marshal and the representatives of the tall building industry, because these are national, if not international adjustments that really increase safety, not just for people living in the buildings, but for emergency response, fire men and women who respond to emergencies. i just want to talk about how important these are and commend our son and other staff for working on this. >> has this been part of what efforts might have been coordinated on the legislative side with boma in major property owners in the city? >> yes, they're very much involved. >> there is continue discussions
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at the meeting that help to at least inform -- >> there will be. we just had our first meeting on the 30th, so it will continue, and we will keep the pack informed. >> thank you. >> item 7 bb, item on permit tracking systems. -- 7c. >> good morning. d project dbi. -- project - director at dbi. we are a stage two.
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pardon me? it has a couple of components. as of-is analysis where we went through the business process re- engineering documentation that was already done, and we worked with representatives throughout dbi and planning and identified any changes with the car were close-- current work flows and documented all that. we are also looking through a bpr, as-is analysis, and recommendations come as well as items that have come up from the staff in terms of improvements that could happen. basically we're going to configure the system to our work flows in terms of how are they currently and what kindof


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